This week I attended a presentation on the Innovations in Assisted Reproductive Technology and Fertility Preservation given by doctors from CCRM Houston. they discussed ovarian aging, reproductive health, fertility preservation/egg freezing and the impact on reproductive outcomes in women and cool new advancements in IVF.
Here were some important takeaways:
  1. Age is everything – As important as health, diet, and exercise are when it comes to fertility, a woman’s egg’s age is the only thing that matters.
  2. Be proactive – You may want to think about fertility preservation such as egg freezing to have the flexibility to start your family at your convenience.
  3. Finding the right clinic – When considering a clinic for fertility preservation, make sure you look into a clinic that has experience and a high success rate in both freezing and thawing.
  4. Be Aware of New Innovations – For example, Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening–doctors and researchers now have the technology to screen embryos for any chromosomal abnormalities and to select only the chromosomally healthiest embryos for transfer.
  5. Healthy, live babies – A single embryo transfer for a healthy baby is the main goal.


See my blog post on Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening for more information.