Life After The NICU with The Motherhood Center

Life After The NICU in Partnership with The Houston Motherhood Center. This support group is meant to be a resource for all moms and dads struggling to find help and or friends as they navigate their NICU or medically fragile child’s journey. Many of the topics below will be from my own personal experience, but we are also going to be looking to our participants to let us know what types of content is most useful for you!

Topics covered will include:

  1. Psychosocial support for families Post-NICU

  2. Recognizing the symptoms for delayed Postpartum depression and PTSD and ways to heal

  3. Understanding the ongoing medical complications related to prematurity

  4. Resources for direct Peer to Peer Support

  5. Resources for grieving the loss of a child

Please see the blog post on The Motherhood Center for more information: The Crystal Duffy Story & Life After The NICU Class.

For more info, you can also visit Crystal’s Blog: Life After the NICU @ The Motherhood Center.

Life After the NICU makes TV Time!

Supporting NICU Families Post Discharge

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