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Twiniversity is thrilled to bring our expecting twins classes to the Bayou City! Our class is geared towards expecting and new parents of twins and higher order multiples living in the Houston area. Our Houston expecting twins classes will prepare you for everything you need to know BEFORE the twins arrive (including what you need to buy!) and AFTER the twins arrive through their first 6 months of life. It’s the perfect way to get ready to bring home your dynamic duo!

All classes are taught by Twiniversity’s senior writer, Crystal Duffy.

Twiniversity Houston expecting twins classes are perfect for…
  1. New families who just found out they are expecting two or more.
  2. Families who already have a child and are NOW expecting twins and want to know what the differences will be.
  3. Families who have had their twins and need help with figuring out the fine-tuning of parenting newborns (sleep schedules, feeding issues, interacting with the twins).

The Twiniversity Expecting Twins Class is taught over two evenings. Day 1 covers preparing for your twins arrival and Day 2 covers caring for your newborns.

Day 1: Twins Prep

Day 1 will cover everything you need to know BEFORE your bundles of joy arrive! During this three hour lecture, Crystal will highlight all the important information you need to get you well on your way in preparing your home, yourself, and your relationship for the upcoming arrival of your twins including:

  • What equipment you will need and when (full registry provided)
  • What help do you really need and how to find it
  • Cheat Sheets on: Hospital Bag Packing List, Pediatrician Interview Questions, Nanny Interview Questions, Dealing with Bed Rest, and Twin Birth Plan Workbook
  • Pregnancy concerns and signs of preterm labor
  • Vaginal or c-section?
  • What happens on the BIG DAY!
  • Managing your hospital stay
  • Recovering from a c-section
  • Dealing with a NICU stay
  • What you should have in order BEFORE the twinnies arrive
  • Preparing older children and your pets for your new arrivals
  • Getting your marriage baby-ready

Day 2: Newborns

Day 2 covers what to expect of your new life after the twins are born. Crystal will give you plenty of tips and tricks on how to adjust after your world gets turned upside-down (in a good way!). Day 2 Topics include:

  • Coming home from the hospital with your newborns
  • Getting your twins on a feeding and napping schedule
  • How mom and dad can get more sleep
  • Nanny vs. daycare vs. staying at home
  • Finding and interviewing a Nanny/ Night Nanny/ Babysitter/ Mother’s Helper
  • Mistakes new parents make
  • Breastfeeding, pumping, and bottle feeding tips and tricks for multiples
  • Tips to soothe crying twins
  • Diapering 101
  • Sleep training
  • Bath time x 2
  • How to deal with your new relationship (and I don’t mean the kids)

Guidelines for Registering
We highly recommend taking these classes before your twins arrive, but we also welcome parents whose twins are already born. We recommend taking the classes between 24-34 weeks gestation

Class Dates

Check out the dates for all the upcoming classes on the Twiniversity Page. 

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