As a writer, speaker, NICU parent advisor, Mommy of three and wife, my list of things to do is endless and at times overwhelming. When I do have “free time,” I make sure I spend time with my husband and our girls showing them how much I love and appreciate them and value our quality time together.

Just recently I found myself needing to find a new space to work. My desk at home amidst the tea parties and fashion shows works during the week when the kids are at school but on weekends I need a few hours of a quiet, calm environment for creative thinking. Because I need silence, the local coffee shops do not work for me. I used to spend every Saturday afternoon in the public library in my neighborhood, but after the devastating affects of Harvey in the Houston area, the library had to close on Saturdays therefore leaving me to find a new place to work.

My parents are retired and live in Katy, which is about 20-25 minutes from my house. I always knew that was a great option but dreaded the drive out there. However, in the past couple of months, I’ve come across a few fantastic podcasts that I’m always trying to carve out time during the day to listen to. Between my urgent need to find a new work place and a new discovered way to pass my time in the car, I started making the drive to my parents’ house.

As soon as I enter the door to their house, a warm and calming presence fills me. It is quiet, there are no stacked dishes in the sink, cluttered countertops with school papers or piled up laundry in the corner. There are no toys on the floor and most importantly no one needs anything from me. I immediately fell in love with this space – not only because it is my parents’ house and I’m always welcome but because in addition to the reasons mentioned above, in my parents’ home I become the recipient of their love and attention as a daughter. A role that often gets pushed aside after you become a mother.

My own mother Maria, cooks me breakfast or lunch while I work in the office. She proofreads my work as pressing deadlines approach and just plain simply takes care of me. The nurturing from my own mother, without my daughters’ presence, has really soothed my soul and sparked my creativity in new projects. As long as our hectic weekend schedule allows, I will continue to make the drive and spend time over there. One day I will look back fondly on these days where in the midst of being a mother to three young children, I got to escape to work, be taken care of again and be the recipient of my mother’s love.



Instead of gifts for the grand babies, on my Mom’s most recent trip to College station she brought back gifts for her daughter.


I have an outpour of creativity with this as my view.

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