Last week our sweet little Lauren (the younger twin by about 30 seconds) had her tonsils and adenoids removed and tubes placed in her ears. If we weren’t 100% positive that she needed the surgery—we would have never done it.  BUT, she hadn’t been sleeping well in a year – snoring as loud as a grown man, stopping breathing in her sleep and never getting into a deep sleep.  It was necessary.

A tonsillectomy is a simple enough procedure but anytime there is a surgery and general anesthesia involved, and for my toddler—I’m going to worry like crazy. But Lauren was a trooper! Ed and I couldn’t be more proud of her. We were by her side during pre-op working on a sticker book until it was time for her to go and I have to say that was the hardest moment for me, seeing her wheeled off to surgery.


Before we knew it, her doctor came to talk to us in the waiting room and update us on the surgery.

“Boy, did she really need this surgery.” Were the first words out of his mouth.

I breathed a sigh of relief knowing that even though this was stressful and nerve-wracking we had done the right thing.

“I’m not going to lie, the two weeks after recovery are going to suck…. But I promise it will get better.” Said our doctor patting my hand reassuringly.

He was not kidding.  The first two days were the hardest. Once Lauren came off the anesthesia, in the recovery room, she was not a happy camper.  Screaming and kicking at every nurse and doctor that came near her.

She calmed down once we got her settled into her room for the night.  Our doctor had us spend one night in the PICU so she could be monitored closely. By the next morning she was eating popsicles and pancakes and asking for her favorite doggy.

Today we are on day 5 and surviving.  Each day gets better.  It’s going to be a challenge keeping her calm when her rambunctious sisters miss playing with her. I’m taking it one day at a time.