1. Salute myself—Pat myself on the back, take a deep breath, and congratulate myself for surviving another day of parenthood. Now let me bake some brownies and pour myself a glass of “Mommy juice.”
  1. Check out—I put my cell phone in another room (usually to charge) and I give myself a break from phone calls, text messages and social media. This is my time to either work on my writing, read a book or watch TV.
  1. Hubby time—I check in with my husband, usually cuddle up on the couch talking about our days. Then we usually decide if we are going to watch a TV show together (Game of Thrones) or each do our own thing.
  1. Clean—Yes, I know this one isn’t fun but it’s the only time I have all day to wipe the crumbs off my counters, sweep the floor and fold the laundry. The exciting part is the house actually stays clean for more than 5 minutes.
  1. Shower—Every night without fail I take a long steamy goddess shower. I deep-condition my hair, shave my legs and just take my time since there is nowhere to rush off to and no one demanding my attention.